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I heard there are some new laws! Is this true?

It is aways recommended to check directly with DMV for changes in the law and permit requirments.


What do I need to do to get a Provisional Permit?

First you need to complete a Driver's Education course through your high school or through a licensed private school such as G.E.T Behind The Wheel Driving School and our provider.  When you have completed the course, a certificate of completion will be issued which you can take to the DMV to take the written test for your Provisional Permit. Then make  your DMV appointment for your written test. You will also need to take several things to the DMV: the DMV application (DL44), your parent(s) or guardian(s) signature, a registered copy of your birth certificate (The souvenir certificate given at the hospital will NOT be accepted by the DMV; only the one issued by the county where you were born with the proper seal will be accepted.) and the $32.00 fee. You will also need to write your social security number on the application or take the card with you as proof you are who you say you are.(Proof of residency is also required!) for more info from DMV about proof of residence (click here)


How do I sign up for a class?

You can sign up for a Driver's Education class by registering for the online classroom by clicking on the link on the home page.  All the important information regarding the class you decide to take is given by our offical online Driver's Education provider.


What does the class cost?

The Driver's Education is $49.00 and you must call us at 209-668-9100 when you begin the Driver's Education online course.


When should I call the DMV for an appointment to take the written exam?

The DMV will schedule an appointment up to 45 days in advance. Plan ahead, because the DMV can be booked as much as those 45 days! Just prior to taking Driver's Education, call your local DMV for an appointment.


How many hours of driving instruction do I need to take before I can get my provisional License?

You will need 6 hours total of instruction from a licensed instructor. In addition, you will need 50 hours of instruction from your parent(s), 10 of which must be night driving.


The DMV said I need to have my provisional permit validated. What does that mean?

The DMV requires you to have at least one hour of instruction from a licensed instructor before you can legally drive with a parent(s) or a licensed driver over the age of 25.


What does the six hours of Drivers training cost?


We can be reached at (209) 668-9100 if you have any concerns or questions.   Thank You !!!


What will I learn in the lessons?

The first lesson will teach you all the turns: U-turns, three point turnabouts (not always on the DMV test) backing up, lane changing, etc. Your permit will be validated and any areas you need to work on will be discussed. This lesson is designed so you will be comfortable driving around town. All lessons have an abundance of city driving which will be taught: one way streets, getting on and off the freeway, etc. All your turns will be reviewed and any areas that need attention will be discussed.  All lessons deal with business areas, residential driving and especially defensive driving.


When should I take my last lesson of behind the wheel training?

You may want to save the last lesson for just before (2-3 days) you take the behind the wheel test at the DMV. We will walk you through a test, correct any bad habits you may have acquired and answer any questions you may have. You will be well prepared for the behind the wheel test.


How long do I need to keep my provisional permit and how old do I have to be before I can get my provisional license?

You must keep your permit for 6 months and be 16 years of age before you can get your provisional license.


How long is the provisional permit valid?

Your provisional permit is good for one year. If you do not take your behind the wheel test between six months and the one year period, you will need to pay the DMV fee, and may be required to show the DMV your certificates of completion for Drivers Education and Drivers Training. You are not required to take Drivers Education or Drivers Training again.


How do I get an appointment for behind the wheel training?

Call our office at (209) 668-9100 and we will book an appointment for you.


Can I drive my friends around after I get my provisional license?

During the first 12 months after you are licensed, you can not transport your friends or younger siblings by yourself. You can drive with them if a licensed driver, 25 years of age or older, is next to you while you drive. (Again, check the DMV handbook for any changes in the law).


I heard that I cannot drive at night. Is that true?

You cannot drive between the hours of 11 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. by yourself for the first year of your provisional license. You must have a licensed driver 25 years of age or older next to you, but you can drive between 5:00 a.m. and 11 p.m. with friends or siblings after 12 months of driving on the license. (Again, check the DMV handbook for exact wording).


I have more questions! Now what?

Call our office! If we are out of the office at 209-668-9100, we will return your call as soon as we return. You can also click here to go to the California DMV web site for more information.


Below is the link to download the PDF documents of the lesson plan for the family and students.


Download Worksheet



 What type of hourly lesson plan do you suggest?


4 Lessons: 1 1/2 Hours per Lesson


Remember our suggestion to take your last lesson, 2 days prior to the student's DMV Drive Test OR (best) just before the student's DMV Drive Test, on the day of the test and use a BTW Driving School Vehicle which the DMV examiner is most comfortable in!). (An additional charge of $50 per hour plus an additional $15 per 15 minutes after the first hour is necessary for the use of the BTW driving school car.)


For the best chance at passing this DMV road test, take that final lesson just prior to the DMV test.  We will schedule this it to conclude in the DMV parking lot where our instructor will get out of the BTW school car and the DMV examiner will get in to administer the 20 minute road test while the final lesson is fresh in the student's mind!





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Currently, the Online Appointment System does not offer behind-the-wheel drive test appointments. If you need to schedule a behind-the-wheel drive test, please contact your local DMV office. . If you need additional information, please call your local DMV office at 1-800-777-0133.


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