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California State License #3408 (bonded and Insured)

Behind the Wheel Training

After 6 hours of your Behind The Wheel training is completed, a $65 limo from All Occasions Limousine Services will be awarded with your student’s “6 hour Completion Certificate”

6 hours with a trained and knowledgeable instructor.


Drivers Training

From the comfort of your own home, hassle free, online course.


 Now that you're used to our vehicle, why not drive straight from your last lesson to the DMV for your test?

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Online Driver Education

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Centeral Valley Driving School

 G.E.T. Behind The Wheel Driving School offers Behind the Wheel Driving School Services and Online Driving Courses, for teenagers in the Central Valley, CA and surrounding areas at a low cost.


G.E.T. Behind The Wheel Driving School provides 30 hours of online classroom instruction as required by the State of California D.M.V. at a cost of $29.00 per student, that's a 40% saving.  Enroll now! Online driver education course will be administered by our "Academy Driving & Traffic Schools of So Cal."

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Driver's Training:

 Online Driver Education:


Online driver education course will be administered by  "Academy Driving & Traffic Schools of So Cal." (Register Here).

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*$272.00 for 6 hours: 4 lessons. Each lesson is 1.5 hours (you may opt for 2 hour lessons) of actual in car driving. (see our fluctuating gas rate charge for current prices - FAQ page)

We offer lessons 7 days a week and will pick the student up from home or from school as long as it’s within our service area.

Note: You Must Have Your Permit Before Taking Driving Lessons.

We Teach: Defensive Driving, Driver's Responsibility and the Importance of Traffic Laws, Rules and Regulations according to the State of California and the DMV.


Our Vehicles are Equipped with Additional Mirrors and a Brake Pedal on the Passenger Side for Better Control by the Instructor.


Optional Drive Test Service:


The instructor will provide the student with last minute instruction by giving valuable tips on how to drive legally and safely, so the student can pass the drive test. The student will then take the test in our vehicle immediately after the lesson. Once the test is over, our instructor will drop the student off at their home or school within our service area. (There is a $50 fee for the first hour of use and an additional $10 for every 15 minutes thereafter.)


We Will Teach You:


    The controls of the vehicle

    How to use the steering wheel

    How to Defensively Drive

    How to make right and left turns effectivly

    How and when to softly apply the brakes or the gas pedal

    How to drive in lite / heavy traffic

    How to switch lanes safely

    How to use traffic lights

    How to use green arrow and solid green traffic lights

    How to park next to a curb, in parking lots, head-in, angled and parallel parking

    How to make a three-point turn

    How to back up your vehicle

    How to drive on freeways


*  see Fluctuating Rate Chart